Quote Wall Art Sign

Quote Wall Art Sign

I recently made this pretty tea sign to hang above my tea bag box, so I thought I would share it here on my blog!


Of course, you can use any quotes and colours that you wish – I just chose this small tea fact and a neutral brown colour as to not clash with my kitchen, but go craaaazy if that’s what you feel like!

Can I also add that this was incredibly easy to make, so don’t worry about spending hours on this small project!


The method is fairly self explanatory, but here it is anyway:


How to make a quote wall art sign

You will need:

-a wood plaque of your desired shape (I got mine from Hobbycraft for £2)

-paint (any type will do, but choose depending on the look you’re going for)

-an assortment of brushes (preferably a large one and a thin one)

-a felt tip pen – this is optional if you would prefer to write your quote on with a pen rather than a paintbrush


1. To change the background colour (if you don’t want to do this skip to step 3) you can either go straight ahead with your paint and coat the whole thing for an opaque look, or you can lightly tint the background. To do this, mix a small amount of paint into some water until it reaches your desired pigmentation and wash this all over your wood plaque with a large brush.

2. Leave to dry.

3. If you’re not too good with with your hands and you don’t want to paint/write the words on directly, you make a quick guideline to help you. To do this, print out your quote in the format you want (AND MAKE SURE YOUR DESIGN IS FLIPPED – otherwise your final piece will come out backwards!),  and on this piece of printed paper go over the words/designs with a pencil. Flip the paper round and place it onto your wood plaque in the correct position and scribble all over the back of the printed paper with a decent amount of force. This method may seem strange, but scribbling on the paper helps to transfer the design, so when you remove your paper… tah dah! Your design will now be on the wood plaque in faint pencil.

4. Now, take your paint and a thin paintbrush  (or felt-tip pen) and begin to go over your traced design.

5. Leave it to dry, and there you have it! A beautiful piece of wall art 🙂


I hope this gives you a bit of decor inspiration, and let me know if you try it out!

Happy making,



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