DIY Avocado Piñata

DIY Avocado Piñata

If you ever once wondered how to make an avocado piñata (because that is something we think about on a daily basis, right?), then here’s a tutorial on how to make one! Or, if you’re just stuck for fun and affordable party ideas, then hopefully this post will inspire you to get your crazy ideas flowing.

Jokes aside – as bizarre as it sounds (and looks), this piñata was a great gift for my avocado-loving best friend’s birthday and was honestly so fun to make. It’s really not as complicated as it seems, trust me!

May I quickly add that I found the original tutorial from Studio DIY – so check out her page for more images that may make the method easier to follow. Typically, I did not take any photos of the process; so great(!)

Anyway, grab a few balloons, some tissue paper and a tonne of sweets – here’s the instructions!


How to make an avocado piñata


3 party balloons

-strips of old newspaper

PVA glue, mixed with water until runny

-a large piece of cardboard (not too thick – you want the piñata to actually be able to break!)

dark green and light green tissue paper (you could also use napkins and separate the layers)

light brown ready mixed paint (plus a sponge to apply it)

-needle and thread

-lots of wrapped sweets! (I used Maoam Stripes/JoyStixx and mini packets of Millions)


1.Blow up two of the balloons so that one is about twice the size of the other. These balloons will form the main shape of the avocado, so test that your piñata will be your desired size by holding the smaller balloon on top of the larger on (with the ends of the balloons touching each other).

2.Once you are happy with the size of the balloons, secure them together with tape.

3.This part is where it gets messy: take your newspaper strips and dip them in the PVA glue mixture, before placing them on the balloons and smoothing them down.

At the point where the two balloons meet, try to lay the newspaper strips down lightly to achieve the subtly curved neck of the avocado. This can be tricky to get the hang of, but once you’ve laid down a few strips it’s pretty easy! You only need to cover half of the balloons so that it looks like the avocado is cut in half.

Leave this to dry, and repeat this step a couple more times to add more layers of newspaper and therefore make the piñata more rigid.

4.While the main part of the piñata is drying, you can start on the avocado stone.

Blow up the remaining balloon to an appropriate size so that the stone will sit on the piñata with good proportion. Now, take your newspaper strips and glue and place the strips on the balloon. Once again, you only need to cover half of the balloon. Then, don’t forget to repeat this process for more layers.

5.Once both parts (the main avocado and the stone) are fully dry, carefully pierce the balloons so that they slowly deflate. Try not to make them ‘pop’ instantly since this could damage your newspaper shells! You will see the balloon slowly peel away from the newspaper and leave behind two smooth shells.

You can now carefully trim the edges of your shells so that they are flatter.

6.To make the flat, front piece of the piñata, take your large piece of cardboard and place the main avocado shell flat-side-down onto it. Trace around this shape and cut it out.

7. Now it’s time for the fun part – decorating! Cut your tissue paper into long, wide strips and cut frills just over halfway into each strip.

Now take the main avocado shell and stick the non-frilled section of the dark green strips down, working your way from the bottom up.

Once this is covered, repeat the same thing for the flat front piece – but with light green strips.

8.When you have both the main avocado shell and the front piece covered into tissue paper strips, paint the stone shell with the light brown paint using a sponge for easier application. Leave to dry.

9. Finally, you can put the piñata together! Fill the main avocado shell with sweets, and then attach the flat front piece on top with a few secure stitches using the needle and thread (this is slightly tedious so you could just use a glue gun – but I personally think it’s worth it because glue might not be strong enough to hold so many sweets). 

Now put some more sweets inside the stone, and attach it to the piñata in the same way.



There you have it – your very own avocado piñata! I honestly cannot believe I had never thought of making piñatas myself before; they are always so expensive to buy (even when they’re empty), considering they’re just made of cardboard and tissue paper. Making them yourself is so much cheaper – the links I attached to the supplies add to only £7.25! Not to mention, making them is more fun and more meaningful. It’s a win-win if you ask me!

I put up a post about gift ideas for avocado lovers which includes this piñata, so check that out if you’re looking for ideas.

Have fun piñata-making!


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