Gift Ideas for Avocado Lovers

Gift Ideas for Avocado Lovers

The excitement I have for this post is genuinely indescribable: AVOCADOS… plus PRESENTS…yesss.

I put these gifts together for a friend’s birthday (who – like me – loves avocados), and the total cost (including making supplies) came to under £13. If you ask me, this is extremely reasonable since the overall effect was quite impressive (if I do say so myself)!


1. Avocado bath bomb

I picked up this ‘Avobath’ bath bomb from Lush for £3.50 and it smells so refreshing!


2. Avocado piñata

This avocado piñata is definitely the showstopper of all the presents! I made it myself and it was surprisingly easy and fairly quick to make (not to mention extremely cheap); the process is just a simple papier-mâché (on balloons) which is then covered with frilled strips of tissue paper (and paint for the stone). I bought the tissue paper for £1, and already had paint at home – but small bottles of ready mixed paint are very affordable.

I did a separate blog post on how to make the piñata, so check that out for more detailed information on the supplies and instructions.


3. Avocado storage pot

This storage pot is SO useful for leftover avocado halves, so I guarantee the person receiving this gift will be grateful! The one I bought is by ‘Joie’ which is sold for £2.72, and I picked it up from Waitrose.


4. Avocado cookbook

Avocados are for eating, and to eat them we need cool recipes to guide us along the way, right?

I got this ‘The Avocado Cookbook’ for only £5 from Amazon and it is a good quality, hardback book with loaaaads of yummy avocado recipes inside to try!


5. Avocado face mask

Of course – the classic avocado face mask. This one is just a small and simple mud mask which was only 99p from Superdrug, but you could get a fancier one if you have a bigger budget!


I also wrapped everything up in some brown paper, which I then decorated with a rustic-looking avocado pattern that I created by overlapping different colours of felt-tip pens together.

To add even more to the avocado craziness, I made my own card with a piece of plain white card and doodled an cute avocado onto the front of it.


When buying these gifts, I stumbled upon some other avocado themed items that I didn’t end up purchasing but thought I would share them here anyway!


1. Avocado notebook

Redbubble have a huge range of avocado notebooks (as well as other notebooks) to choose from. They range from about £7 to £9 and have such stunning designs! I would have definitely bought one of them to add to my avocado bundle if I was more organised and had remembered to order it sooner!


2. Avocado socks


There is a big variety of avocado socks out there, but I found these subtle lilac socks from ASOS with avocado and egg badges on the sides (£4). They would be perfect to use like normal socks, but their small embellishments make them a bit more fun!


3. Avocado candles

I came across these super cute avocado tealight candles from Urban Outfitters for £8; they look so fun but they’re so pretty at the same time!


I hope these ideas get you inspired to surprise your fellow avocado lover with things they’ll love!

Avo good day!


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