Strawberry Peach Smoothie Bowl

Strawberry Peach Smoothie Bowl

After a few months of absolute nothing-ness, I am bringing my blog back to life! And the best way to do that? A brekafast bowl recipe, of course.




For the smoothie base:

-1 peach

-1 large handful of strawberries, with the leaves cut off

-1 large handful of frozen mango chunks

-1 small 120g pot of thick yoghurt (Greek style is tastiest)

For the toppings:

-multigrain or wheat bran flakes (muesli would also be perfect)

-a few blueberries

-chopped dried fruit and seeds

-any other breakfast toppings  you have in your cupboards – I used honey and cocoa powder, but use anything your heart desires!

You will also need:

-a blender



1.Throw all the smoothie ingredients into the blender (leave some peach and a couple of strawberries out – you can use these as toppings). Blend it until it is smooth. You want it to be thick in consistency (since you will be eating it with a spoon) so if it is too runny for your liking add some more frozen mango.

2.Pour this smoothie base into a medium-sized bowl.

3.Sprinkle on your toppings however you like, and that’s it!



It’s a pretty easy and pretty tasty recipe, and it fills you up with nutritious ingredients. Mmm hmm!

As always, you can adjust the fruit you include to the season and (most importantly) to your taste buds. The possibilities are literally endless.


Happy breakfasting,


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