Fruity Smoothies

Fruity Smoothies

Who says you can’t have a smoothie in autumn? I have put together some recipes of my favourite fruity smoothies to make at home and hopefully it will give you some ideas next time you need a quick recipe that uses up lots of fruit.

I use a NutriBullet to make my smoothies but of course any blender should work.



The classic strawberry and banana smoothie: an easy but always delicious choice.

-1 large handful of strawberries, with the leaves cut off

-1/2 of a banana

-2 tablespoons of Greek style yoghurt

-splash of milk if it is too thick



The most refreshing smoothie; it is more like an icy slush and requires very few ingredients.

-2 slices honeydew melon

-1 handful of ice cubes

-splash of water if it is too thick



The healthiest choice (and one of the tastiest); the spinach is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals while the fruit and cucumber make the smoothie cooling and zingy.

-1/2 an apple

-1/2 a kiwi

-a few cucumber slices

-1 small handful of frozen spinach

-splash of apple juice if it is too thick



An exotic smoothie for when you’re feeling tropical!

-1 large handful of frozen mango chunks

-a sprinkle of frozen berries (to enhance the orange colour)

-2 tablespoons Greek style yoghurt

-splash of milk if it is too thick


Switch on your blender and get smoothie making! (Disclaimer: switch on your blender once the fruit is inside, lol.)



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