A Bubble Bath for My Face

A Bubble Bath for My Face

I tried a charcoal face mask sheet which bubbles up when oxygenated, and decided to take pictures of the process! There’s not much point in explaining how to use it (you could just read the instructions on the back yourself haha), but I thought it would be fun to show what it looks like when it’s on and how it helps my skin. I also honestly just wanted an excuse to take weird photos of my face and pretend to be a beauty expert.

I used the Skin Republic Bubble Charcoal Face Sheet Mask; you can buy it from Superdrug, Beauty Base and other places if you feel like it


I first removed my makeup and cleansed my face with micellar water which I bought abroad in a panic when I realised I forgot to pack any, but it works fine; I don’t have any specific favourites, although Garnier micellar water is what I normally use.


I then washed my face with Simple facial wash gel to make sure my face was completely clean and prepped for the mask!


Then I applied the mask: I first rubbed the packet for a few seconds to ‘activate the bubbles’ according to the instructions, took it out, unfolded it and applied it to my face. It felt refreshing and cold, and it started to foam very quickly. Oh, and I also looked like some kind of dark demon. Halloween anyone?


The instructions said to leave the mask on for about 15 minutes, but I was going all out so I set my timer to 20 minutes. Woah. I was basically a devil so it made sense.


Here are pictures of my face between 3 minute intervals! The mask was so foamy and it kept sliding down my face, so I had to pull it back up every 30 seconds. But by the end it literally felt like a bubble bath on my face and I could feel the tiny bubbles popping and crackling. Mmm hmmmm

After a mini photoshoot with cucumber slices I peeled the mask off. I wanted to see if it could be reused, so I put it back in the packet and into a reclosable plastic bag which I tried to seal as airtight as possible. (I’ll update this post on if it can be reused soon, if anyone cares lol).


Finally I cleaned my face with the Simple facial wash again to get rid of any residue from the mask. My face honestly felt so soft for the rest of the day, and I also noticed that my spots has reduced in redness! 


I hope you enjoyed these sarcastically weird photos of my face. Honestly it was just fun to mess around with the scary mask and take photos of myself in the process hahaha



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